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From the President

From the President,

September is over, fall has officially arrived and so has another PDM. What a way to kick off 2019-2020. I would like to welcome all the first time attendees along with those familiar regular faced. We had one of the better turn outs in the past year. By my unofficial count we were 50+ registered.

Thanks to all those that attended “Mar” Muller of Propel Solutions and how she enlighted those in attendance of her 10 wastes—Lean(ing) your process. On behalf of Mar, the feeback the audience provided was very positive—virtually all responses either agreed or strongly agreed to all the questions. Feedback like this helps in our ongoing search to provide membership value.

I can also confirm that we have in fact secured a speaker for Oct 16 at Newlands. Hopefully you will have already received the email notice announcing Shannon Pearson and her topic “Tough Talks”. Join me as we find out how to maximize the outcome of tough conversations Leadership demands that we have the courage to say the things a person doesn’t want to hear in the exact moment they don’t want to hear it.

I am very interested to hear her. I know I struggle at times having a “tough talk”.

I would also like to promote our Vancouver Chapter and their Supply Chain Summit Oct 30. You can check out our website or the Vancouver Chapter for further details.

Thanks everyone, look forward to seeing you on Oct 16.

Arnold Peters CPIM, CSCP

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Next PDM

Tough Talks – how to maximize the outcome of tough conversations Leadership demands that we have the courage to say the things a person doesn’t want to hear in the exact moment they don’t want to hear it. Excellence in doing this means you leave people in a better state than you found them, regardless of the circumstances. The practical application of this is the focus of this one-hour talk. The content is delivered to help people of all experience levels understand how to deliver a tough conversation with a high level of EQ that can result in elevated performance, and overall efficiency. It is the softskill-side of implementing processes and procedures. If tough conversations are a reality in business lets set people up to do it in a way that helps serve your culture, not break it down with unhealthy or unmanageable conflict.

Shannon Pearson incrementa (un)consulting™ People + Culture As an entrepreneur Shannon is innately curious about two things: business & behavior. She strives to understand why things happen the way they do, and why people do what that they do. Shannon helps organizations improve their corporate culture and organizational health by implementing and managing change. She develops and delivers communication practices to support operational execution throughout the organization. She trains leaders and their teams to improve what they do by uncovering why they do it. With a deeper understanding her influence results in stronger teams which creates higher retention, less conflict, and ultimately improved productivity.
Shannon’s professional experience spans many industries but is rooted in Finance. Her financial career began in retail banking and transitioned to retail brokerage. Managing a portfolio of clients and building a successful practice Shannon learned that how you work with people will determine the viability and sustainability of success. She credits the financial industry with sharpening her skills and thickening her skin which prepared her to take on business challenges and the inevitable pushback that often accompanies change. Her depth of experience has resulted in her being a change manager who builds empowered teams and transforms corporate cultures with a focus on the greater good for all involved.


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I am pleased to announce that we did get our CPIM Part 1 class going in Chilliwack thanks to Westeck Door & Windows hosting the class at their location. The APICS Fraser Valley Chapter has many companies to thank for hosting courses over the years. These companies inlude Freybe Deli Group, Flexiforce, MDT Technologies, North West Rubber, Mauser Packaging - Formerly Ropak Packaging, Phantom Screens, Hershey Foods. It has been amazing to have soo many local partners and organizations willing to host courses. As a non-profit organization the flexibility of being able to work closely with local companies while maintaining smaller class sizes is a blessing. 

As we move forward into 2020 we are looking for more local partners that may be looking train their internal staff without having them make the commute into Burnaby. Please feel free to contact myself to espress your interest in the possibility of hosting a CPIM, CSCP, or CLTD course. We are open and felxible as we are always looking to serve the customer.



VP of Education

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