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From the President

We are two months into 2020 and APICS Fraser Valley has been interesting for sure. In January, we were forced to cancel our PDM because of snow. We had a great topic and guest speaker lined up in David Chao of Lean Sensi. Thankfully, we were able to reschedule to February. That’s where we had another twist of fate…

On the way to the PDM David Chao, fell ill. Luckily for us, he had a colleague (Ray Remi) with him that was able to pick up the baton and keep things on schedule as we had attendees from both January and February present to hear about Lean & Agile Approach & Trends. We also tried a different format for the PDM. We had the presentation first followed by the dinner. Based on feedback from my informal polling I don’t think we will try that again.

Now we begin March, the weather is starting to improve. Flowers are starting to appear, and trees have buds on their branches. We will also be showcasing the young talents of our BCIT Operations Management students and their finding from their fourth term projects-- Improving Factory Throughput Developing Shop Floor Analytics (Where to Start???). This will be March 18, 2020 at Newlands Golf course. Please see the APICS FV website for further details and to register for what is sure to be an interesting presentation.

In April, we are planning our AGM. I would encourage any members to consider volunteering to run for a position on the Board to help shape the future of the chapter. We are always looking for volunteers to help the chapter operate. If you feel that could be you, please reach out to myself or any other board members.

In May, BCIT OPSMAN has their 9th Annual Showcase at the Hilton Hotel at Metrotown. More details on our website.

I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks.


Arnold Peters CPIM, CSCP

APICS FV President

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Next PDM

Developing Shop Floor Analytics (Where to Start First)

By: Kevin Condy and Ramy Qaraein (BCIT Business Operations Management Students)

You’re invited to attend the following APICS Fraser Valley / BCIT event:

Wednesday March 18th (dinner meeting): Improving Factory Throughput

Twice per year the BCIT Business Operations Management Program, in cooperation with our Industry Partners, places teams of students into those organizations to work on “real world” process improvement projects.

Join us on the evening of Wednesday March 18th for a look inside an actual process improvement project as Kevin Condy and Ramy Qaraein, two BCIT Business Operations Management students, profile their Fall 2019 process improvement project which was conducted at Pacific Particulate Materials (PPM) a manufacturer of custom ceramic, cermet and metal powder blends (PPM is one of a handful of companies worldwide that can produce these specialized powders).

Kevin and Ramy will walk us though the steps that they took including:

  • Initial investigation of symptoms and agreement on scope (Terms of Reference)
  • Developing shop floor measurement systems to confirm constraint operations (how “numbers” were collected to quantify current operations)
  • Quantifying actual work centre performance (machine utilization and efficiency)
  • Recommendations to redirect planned expansion into operational improvement to optimize existing capacity
  • Recommendations to implement shop floor measurement systems (software) to enable real time visibility of factory operations (for continuous improvement)


This will be of particular interest to any organization interested in developing a plan of attack to identify key factory areas where improving throughput will impact profitability. Kevin and Ramy will profile how they applied tools learned in the classroom to “the real world” and how you can use the same techniques to improve your operations, or, if you prefer, how you can engage BCIT students to do similar projects at your facility.

For additional information and to register for the Wednesday March 18th dinner meeting, click here: Register Now

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How will an APICS Certification benefit me?

This is the question that is usually asked when I speak to people interested in attending an APICS Certification Review Course. Who doesn’t want to know what’s in it for me? As I was preparing to write this article I was scrolling through social media in what show up on my feed but post titled, “Supply Chain Certification, Does it Matter?”, from Rob Van Stratum a fellow APICS Instructor. We all have more questions than answers as we navigate through our career and try to determine the best path into the unknown.

In the post mentioned above there the following link to an article written by Bill Selinger was included, . In reading these articles it always resonates with me and my career path that Certifications alone will not result in a specific position or increase in salary. What a Supply Chain Certification will provide you is a depth of knowledge and common terminology within your current or future organization. The process of building experience combined with industry specific knowledge gained through education and certification is what will result in attaining the position or salary that you are looking to attain. There is no “free lunch” and I have always believed that hard work will pay off.

Please contact the APICS Fraser Valley Chapter [email protected] if you are looking to explore Supply Chain Certification to help build your career and knowledge.

The Chapter currently has a class planned for Basics of Supply Chain Management - CPIM Part1 set to begin on the week of April 6th and this course will run for 13 weeks at a local host location.



VP of Education

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