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The Secret 98% of the Theory of Constraints: the Thinking Processes Jonah uses in The Goal

February 03, 2017
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3M3

A Rare Opportunity for personal development – gain an edge over your peers, and an advantage for your company!

More than 6 Million managers have read Eli Goldratt’s iconic book “The Goal.”

But almost NONE of them realized that the key character “Jonah” is using a suite of Thinking Processes (the TOC TP) that is little known, rarely taught – and extraordinarily powerful.

In FV APICS workshop on February 3rd 2017 in Langley, local TOC specialist Steve Jackson – one of the team who worked with Eli Goldratt to develop, document and teach these “Thinking Processes” – will take participants through 3 and if time permits, 4 foundation skills.

1. Effect-Cause-Effect

The difference between Cause-Effect thinking and the “Correlation thinking” used by 99% of managers explains the “Groundhog Day Effect” – why so many problems remain intact to be replayed in planning/status meetings month after month, year after year.

Cause-Effect thinking positions a manager to REALLY understand the causalities that lead inevitably to EVERY symptom experienced in the business.

2. The Evaporating Cloud construction

This is arguably the most powerful problem-solving technique on the planet. It is a technique used to document the Core Problem that gives rise to scores of symptoms.

3. Surfacing Assumptions

The Core Problem ONLY exists because of assumptions. Managers can live their entire working lives without recognizing or surfacing these assumptions.

But there are techniques and guidelines to expose them – and we’ll be covering them.

4. If time permits, The Prerequisite Tree

This is a planning tool without equal, designed to enable a manager to create a road map around, through, or over ALL the major obstacles that stand in the way of implementing something valuable.

Why You Should Register & Participate

Managers who gain some proficiency with the TP have a significant personal performance advantage over their peers who don’t know it. And their companies benefit!

  • Your analysis of any problem situation has so much more clarity and depth than your peers, it’s embarrassing. (It can also cause problems – you see what they do not.)
  • You can recognize the REAL core problem; you see how popular solutions, and suggestions from others are often aimed everywhere EXCEPT at the problem!
  • You ask jaw-dropping questions that strengthen or demolish (so, use with discretion.)
  • Your “good ideas” convert into “good solutions” – you can see the missing parts of the puzzle that others miss.
  • You begin to see everything in terms of “what are the elements I need to have in place to create that outcome I want” – for plans, for meetings, for conversations. You become more effective at everything you do.


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  • 8:00 AM - Registration opens
  • 8:30 AM - Session starts
  • 10:00 AM - Morning break
  • 12:00 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM - Session resumes
  • 3:00 PM - Afternoon break
  • 4:30 PM - Session wrap-up
  • 5:00 PM - Group leaves

Our Guest Speaker

In 1988, based in Vancouver, Steve Jackson started working with Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal and originator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He was in Eli Goldratt’s 2nd ever “Jonah Training” class and as a “Jonah” then a “Jonah’s Jonah” he helped expand the TOC body of knowledge from Synchronous Manufacturing to Throughput Accounting, Distribution & Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing (the Mafia Offer), Project Management (Critical Chain), Management Skills, Strategy & Tactics, and the TOC Thinking Processes.

When Steve started working with Dr. Goldratt the “Thinking Processes” did not exist. Steve was part of a small team who met with Dr. Goldratt at locations across the world to help Dr. Goldratt develop the Thinking Processes; then to work out how to teach them; then to work out how to teach the teachers; then to teach the classes on behalf of Dr. Goldratt’s organization.

The Thinking Processes have evolved continuously since then, and scores of TOC educators and consultants have been exposed to these processes. But Steve has the privilege of being one of the few who was involved in the development of every one from a point where they did not even have a name; when they were tested on guinea pig managers from Fortune 500 Corporations and on University professors; when weeks were spent on experimenting simply to find the best ways to teach the processes once they were established.