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Introduction to TOC Workshop

May 06, 2016
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
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Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3M3

Introduction: Theory of Constraints

Program outline:

  • The core of the Theory of Constraints -- the 5-Step TOC Improvement process that uses FOCUS and LEVERAGE to generate FAST (days) and typically MASSIVE bottom line and competitive performance improvements.
  • The 3 Fundamental Measurements that connect EVERY action, every decision to the bottom line - and reveal which "improvements" look good, feel good ... but are nothing more than mirages.
  • The Scheduling and Shop Floor management approach that CONSISTENTLY generates On-Time Delivery in the 99% range while reducing inventory and lead time by (typically) 50% to 90% -- and boosts Production Output by 20% - 40% from the same resources (and if your current sales won't support this, we have a solution for that, too).
  • Why almost ANY Operational decision based on Cost Accounting data could hurt your profits -- backed by high level support from accounting professionals. We don't just claim it, we PROVE it.
  • How conventional Product Pricing & "Margin" thinking is no better than a toss of the coin when it comes to identifying "winners" and "losers" -- which explains SO MANY things for so many manufacturers! --AND what DOES work to distinguish between them -- AND the strategy and tactics that connect pricing directly to your bottom line. Yes, we can point to extensive support from World Class Accounting professionals.
  • How we help generate 20% to 40% more Production out of any set of resources, without stress or resistance, by UNBALANCING lines. Yes, we realize this is counter intuitive. Yes, we can prove it.
  • How you can boost on-time delivery to the 99% level (with lead times reduced 50% to 90% and with 50% to 90% less inventory) with INITIAL RESULTS IN DAYS -- EVEN WHEN data is inaccurate, Murphy is everywhere, and there is high variability in demand, supply, and resources. 
  • How to align Sales, Marketing, Production, Distribution & Supply Chain, Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, Finance to the same Global Goals and eradicate conflicts and finger-pointing between departments. 
  • Why Protective Capacity can be the KEY to superb on-time performance AND increased profit (and why someone implementing Lean without understanding this might even fight to eliminate it as "Waste" - throwing the company into constant "Whack-A-Mole," jump-from-problem-to-problem, mode).
  • The completely counter-intuitive Sales Process that is boosting sales by 2X, 3X and 4X. This is for the big guys -- but you can extract some valuable elements.
  • How a "Mafia Offer" can be constructed that positions you to win more business while charging more -- EVEN in markets where everyone believes "price" is the dominant factor and the customer grinds you down on price every year.
  • The TOC application that is redefining Supply Chain management.


Our Guest Speaker

Steve Jackson is a Vancouver-based Theory of Constraints consultant, a TOC specialist since 1988. He was one of the first independent consultants to be chosen to work with Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal" and the originator of the Theory of Constraints technology. Invited to the second-ever "Jonah Course" offered By Dr. Goldratt, Steve became a member of the team that helped define, document and teach the TOC Thinking Processes and expand the TOC into applications to sales, marketing, distribution, and project management. In fact, while remaining independent, Steve worked in association with Dr Goldratt's organizations on projects over 3 decades.

As managing partner in Synchronix Technologies, Inc., Steve has project-managed and been the principal consultant in dozens of TOC implementations. He has taught Theory of Constraints to executives and managers in organizations across Canada and the USA including workshops organized by UBC and Caltech; and has taught the technology to Professors and Instructors at Universities and Colleges across North America, including BCIT.

Steve has a degree in Chemical Engineering but is confident that the world is a safer place because he has never applied that know-how. Instead, prior to his work with the TOC Steve held management positions in a variety of manufacturing businesses; was project manager and lead consultant for 23 MRP systems in Europe and North America on behalf of as pioneering software company while MRP was still an emerging technology evolving towards ERP; owned and managed a small manufacturing and distribution business; and was lead consultant in 6 small high-tech start-ups.  He is a Past President of the Vancouver Chapter of APICS.

Morning refreshments and buffet lunch provided.

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