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January 2013 PDM

January 30, 2013
5:45 PM to 9:00 PM
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Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3M3

In today’s world, companies are always trying to reduce their costs and increase their bottom line.  When a CFO or controller sits down every month to evaluate their bottom line, they are always trying to find the correct method to do so.  Companies often face situations where their cost of doing business is increasing faster than their revenue. This is a signal that they need to do something. Efficiency is the key in achieving this for your company, and often times, the procurement process is where you can gain a significant amount of savings but gets over looked.  There are legacy systems with tools that can help companies operate and better manage this process but the challenge is it requires a large team of technical staff to manage these on premise costly solutions.  Small to midsize enterprises do not have the resources to adopt such systems.  There are small companies that have “point solutions” but they don’t solve the whole problem.    

In this presentation, we will show how companies can achieve significant internal cost savings which will drive up the bottom line without resorting to layoffs.  It has been identified that the area to gain the most internal cost savings is to improve the entire internal procurement process.  By deploying the right type of procurement tool, you can achieve great savings without cutting a lot into the cost of getting those resources.  Cloud computing can help you get there, and we will show you how this can be done with minimal cost and time to adopt.  

Our Guest Speakers

Eugene, Kenneth, and Aman come from a variety of backgrounds and have been using their skills learned from the BCIT Operations Management program. The speakers have a combined knowledge in technology, design, and business. They formed a company with the goal of improving business processes.

Hopefully you will walk away with an understanding of: 

  • How to measure and improve productivity.
  • Understand how information flows through your business and what impact this flow is having on your employees and clients.
  • How to wade through the jargon to find the solution that is right for your company and the Essentials of Change Management, we discuss how to implement new ways of doing business into your business.