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September 2013 PDM

September 25, 2013
5:45 PM to 9:00 PM
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Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3M3

Join us on Wednesday September 25th as Richard Ranftl, an Instructor in BCIT’s School of Business, and students from the APICS BCIT Student Chapter show us what goes on inside the “black box” of your computer system when you push the RUN-MRP button. The presentation will give you a hands-on demonstration of what your software does when it runs the “Materials Requirements Planning” calculation and will help:

  • Those of you who have an MRP system and every once in a while scratch your head about bizarre messages that the system is sending you that you know are wrong (such as expedite this while de-expediting that) to identify where the breakdown is coming from
  • Those of you who may be considering an upcoming purchase of MRP software to better understand the old computer programming adage “Garbage In = Garbage Out” and how to prevent that from happening to you when you implement your system

Richard will be leading the session and a student from BCIT’s Business Operations Management Program will be working with each group of attendees to self-assess their existing MRP systems and find out what might be causing that system to be breaking down. In addition to the self-assessment you will go hands-on to do an actual MRP calculation and then examine key foundation blocks such as Bills Of Materials, inventory accuracy and supply chain data accuracy so that MRP headaches can be resolved.

Takeaways from the session will be a greater understanding of how the computer system actually performs the complex and mysterious calculations needed to generate material requirements plans, where the systems frequently break down – and – how to then fix them!

You will also get the chance to meet BCIT Business Operations Management students and find out how you can obtain their “free” consulting services this coming Spring to come in and help your companies resolve MRP related issues (or help you answer “which MRP system is best for us” if you are shopping for a system).

Our Guest Speaker

BCIT offers extensive education in the field of Business Operations Management through its two year full-time day school Diploma Program as well as a variety of self-paced Certificates available in part-time-studies. The Faculty of the Program is comprised of industry professionals who have “been-there-done-that” and who bring their actual industry experience into the classroom.

Richard Ranftl is one of those Instructors and his background includes serving on the Board of Directors for APICS Fraser Valley as Chapter President. The students you will be meeting are all in the second year of their two years in the full-time program. They have all completed courses on Production and Inventory Management (similar to the APICS CPIM courseware) and know their way around MRP systems. They are graduating in June 2014 so the next time you see them after this event may very well be across the interview table from you as you look to hire operations professionals to upgrade the skill levels in your organizations.

BCIT Operations Management Students:

Rob Aleong         BCIT APICS Student Chapter – President

Parul Sahi            BCIT APICS Student Chapter – Secretary

Kamal Johal        BCIT APICS Student Chapter – Membership

Yousef Salih        BCIT APICS Student Chapter – Chapter Member