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Workshop - Throughput Operating System

October 23, 2018
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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RCAB - Building (South Boardroom)
9734 201st Street
Langley, BC V1M 3E8

The TOC-based "Throughput Operating System" Generating Massive Profit Growth in Small US Manufacturers in 2018

A $5 MM metal fabrication shop banked $300,000 in profits in the first 6 months after years of break even.

An $8 MM residential cabinet company increased profits by $700,000 in 12 months.

These extraordinary numbers are typical of the results being recorded in 2017 & 2018 by small manufacturers in the USA implementing the "Throughput Operating System" arising from Theory of Constraints.

The financial outcomes accompany boosts in whole-plant productivity, reductions in cycle time, lead time, and inventory, while on-time performance reaches record levels - and stays there. And sales growth is an essential part of the whole, of course, and cannot be taken for granted.

The two TOC consultants helping their clients to generate these results are so confident in their approach that they only take-on clients prepared to pay their fee in the form of 20% of the additional profits actually banked in year 1.

What they do to produce such outcomes so consistently is a combination of "Classic" Theory of Constraints with a couple of twists of their own added to the mix. They are producing bigger results today than at any time in the 35-year history of the Theory of Constraints.

The good news is, they have been Steve Jackson's friends and colleagues since 1988. They are happily sharing with Steve their own custom additions to the classic TOC implementation that they believe make a difference.

And in this 1-day workshop, Steve will take participants step by step through the "Throughput Operating Strategy." He'll cover the elements that are making the approach so successful, as well as introduce some of the common "bumps in the road" his colleagues are encountering -- bumps that mean even these spectacular results could be improved upon.

Meet the Presenter

Steve Jackson is managing partner in Vancouver-based Synchronix Technologies, Inc. ( Introduced to Theory of Constraints in 1984 and Certified as an Associated of Dr Eli Goldratt's in 1988, Steve remained an independent consultant while working in association with Dr Goldratt's organizations on projects over 3 decades.

In his 30 years of TOC he has project-managed and been the principal consultant in dozens of TOC implementations and has taught Theory of Constraints to executives and managers, University Professors and College Instructors (including at BCIT), and employees at every level and in every department of businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Prior to his work with the TOC Steve held management positions in a variety of manufacturing businesses; project managed 23 MRP implementations in Europe and North America; consulted in 6 small high-tech start-ups; and owned and managed a small manufacturing and distribution business.


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