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Does your Operating System Generate Massive Profits

September 19, 2018
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
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Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3M3

Break-Even to $300K Profit in 6 Months. $700K Added Profit in 12 Months.

The Rinse-and Repeat Profit Strategy In Play for Small Manufacturers In 2018

This session is unashamedly about massive, fast profit growth in smaller manufacturers based on results being recorded in the USA in 2018,

East Coast & West Coast two experienced Theory of Constraints consultants are specializing in a certain niche market.

That niche consists of small manufacturers where the owners are tired of performance improvements that don't translate to profit growth. These people are explicit -- their priority now is to finally bank some serious profits.

What constitutes "small?" Mostly $5 MM to $20 MM in sales.

These 2 guys -- like many TOC consultants -- are so confident in their profit-growing strategy and tactics that they only take on clients willing to pay their fee in the form of 20% of the additional profits actually banked by the business in the first 12 months.

When an owner with an unimpeded profit mindset meets a strategy & tactics that provide a direct cause-effect connection between decisions and actions and profit ... what's the outcome?

A $5 MM metal fabrication shop banked $300,000 in profits in the first 6 months after years of break even.

An $8 MM residential cabinet company increased profits by $700,000 in 12 months.

What exactly did these businesses -- and others like them -- actually do?
They focused on what some TOC consultants call a "Throughput Operating System." They kept it simple and stayed focused.

These 2 consultants have been friends and business colleagues of Steve Jackson since 1988. They applied "Classic" TOC, with a couple of "twists" that Steve will be sharing as he takes us through the breakthrough performance factors.

Meet our Presenters: Steve Jackson & Derek Barichevy

Steve Jackson is managing partner in Vancouver-based Synchronix Technologies, Inc. ( Introduced to Theory of Constraints in 1984 and Certified as an Associated of Dr Eli Goldratt's in 1988, Steve remained an independent consultant while working in association with Dr Goldratt's organizations on projects over 3 decades.

In his 30 years of TOC he has project-managed and been the principal consultant in dozens of TOC implementations and has taught Theory of Constraints to executives and managers, University Professors and College Instructors (including at BCIT), and employees at every level and in every department of businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Prior to his work with the TOC Steve held management positions in a variety of manufacturing businesses; project managed 23 MRP implementations in Europe and North America; consulted in 6 small high-tech start-ups; and owned and managed a small manufacturing and distribution business.

Derek Barichievy is a seasoned Manufacturing Executive from an Industrial Engineering and Quality Assurance background with more than 40 years’ experience.  His background includes running companies of more than 600 employees, as well as working for the world-renowned Toyota organization. His track record includes turning around two large publicly-traded manufacturing companies of long standing losses into highly profitable organizations within short periods of time. He is a skilled veteran in the training and development of management and building company growth.

This experience incorporates expanding manufacturing divisions for a U.S. corporation in 8 countries and on 4 continents. He spent several years in an executive role in a Belgium head office establishing the European division of a global manufacturer.

Derek has been active in business teaching for many years and is currently a facilitator of executive peer councils for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters as well as a facilitator for the BCIT School of Business and Catalyst Training Services Inc. He also provides a consulting service to companies.



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