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From the President

This is a great time of year. It seems like only a few weeks ago most families were on winter holiday, based on the school calendar. Now we are only a week or so away from Spring break. Who would have thought that a few weeks ago with all the late season snow? The snow has melted, and we now see signs that Spring is almost around the corner. I was out this weekend and saw the Spring flowers starting to show their presence.

It was a few weeks ago at our PDM where we experienced the snow. It was a very engaging and interactive session. It was fantastic to see one of our recent local companies (Rimex) that was able to share real world experiences to validate and add context to the topic of 5S.

For this month, we had planned on having BCIT students share their experiences with their fourth term projects from the Operations Management Program. However, those plans changed and thankfully we were able to come up with an interesting topic from one of our own, Scott Vander Molen. Scott has stepped up to offer his presentation on Getting started with Environmental Sustainability. Scott will talk about:

  • What it means to be sustainable.
  • The five spheres of environmental sustainability.
  • How to establish a benchmark of your company's current performance.
  • Where to focus your improvement efforts.

This is a new topic that we haven’t really explored yet which is why I’m really interested to hear about it.

We are looking to start a new feature in our newsletter. That is, we as a Board would like to do more for the membership and would like to encourage anyone who is interested and willing to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. I’ve seen this work in a few different chapters. I’m hoping it can work for us. If anyone, individual or business thinks they would be interested please contact

There are a few upcoming events we are looking to make happen. We are trying to plan an event with our membership in the Okanagan in either April or May. We are also working on our Annual General meeting. More details will be coming in the next month or so. If you feel a calling or have an interest in becoming a Board member, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks everyone, hope to see all of you March 21 at Newlands for what is sure to be an interesting meeting.


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Next PDM

Many companies are already on a lean journey, but has your company started its green journey?

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with buying environmentally-friendly products, which has created a ripple effect throughout the supply chain. We're not just competing on cost and lead time anymore. Sustainable business practices are increasingly becoming an order qualifier, and to be the order winner your company needs to outperform the competition.

Sustainability is also a growing concern for employees. In today's labour market, attracting and retaining employees is challenging. Your company's sustainability performance is just as important as what you offer for salary and benefits.

Register now for our March 2018 PDM.

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As we roll into Spring, the clocks are set to spring forward next week and our days will get longer. With the change in seasons we all want to get outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in the Fraser Valley. Again this month it leads me to ask more questions

  • Do you take the beauty for granted?
  • Are we doing what we can to maintain that beauty?
  • What is your organization doing to help?

At this month’s PDM Scott Vander Molen will be discussing sustainability. If you have been watching the news or have anything to do with creating solid waste. You may have heard that China has stopped accepting plastics as imported solid waste. This has caused a disruption and/or increased costs within many supply chains. We are so driven towards profit and pleasing our shareholders that we may not be totally focused on our entire supply chain and the affects that our decisions have on our daily lives. Yes, this may include having beautiful forests and clean water to enjoy on our time away from work. Sustainability does need to be a part of the larger business decisions and included in long-term strategy.

If you want to look internally, we are currently offering the newly-formatted CPIM Part 2 starting in early April. In the new format of this program you will begin with Strategic Management and then drill all the way down to shop floor control. This course will make you think differently about your operations within your four walls and how it affects all parties in your supply chain.

Registration is currently open for the following courses; the links to the registration pages are included below:

Instructor Led
CPIM Part 2-

Location: Quality Hotel & Conference Centre, Abbotsford. (6 Saturdays)

Please feel free to contact myself or anyone on the Board of Directors if you have any questions on certification and course offerings.


Tim McBride CPIM, SCMP
VP of Education

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